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Foot Pain

Pain In The Foot - Man Holds Hands To His Feet

Foot Pain Management

The management of foot pain can vary significantly for each patient as the best course of action depends on the cause of the pain. In most cases, patients will combine non-pharmaceutical therapy with medication to provide adequate relief of foot pain.

Podiatry Care

As specialists in the health of feet, a podiatrist often plays a central role in the management of foot pain.

For some patients, orthotics can help to support the feet properly. They are inserted inside shoes to improve the kind of foot pain that occurs when walking, running, or doing other movements with the feet. These insoles are created by the podiatrist, who molds a cast of the patient’s foot which is then inserted into the shoes. The orthotics may be constructed to be rigid, semi-rigid or soft, depending on the specific case.



Surgery may be required for some patients with severe foot pain, particularly if it inhibits them from walking or other activities. Surgical procedures that may be recommended include:

  • Fracture repair
  • Arthroscopic debridement
  • Joint fusion
  • Osteotomy
3d Illustration Of Human Foot With Ankle Pain

The appropriate procedure will depend on the specific case and the nature of the foot pain. It is important for rehabilitative care to follow the surgical procedure and support the patient into recovery. A follow-up appointment several weeks after the procedure is usually needed to check on the progress and recovery of the foot.